Tuesday, December 9, 2014

America Tortures Revisited

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence today released its report on the C.I.A. detention and interrogation program conducted during the Bush-Cheney regime. It confirms the open secret that with clear Bush administration approval America embraced torture. In the New York Times former Vice-President Dick Cheney emphasizes this approval and is irritated that anyone might think that the Bush-era torture practices were some sort of "rogue operation." Unfazed by anything the damning Senate report might reveal Cheney believes his minions should "be decorated, not criticized." The same NYT piece quotes George W. Bush from an interview on CNN contending that his administration's torture-masters should be regarded as "patriots." In his untroubled mind any other conclusion would be "off base."

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Andrew Sullivan dissects the pride, immorality and lies of Bush-Cheney on torture here

The torture issue was covered in this 2012 publication from Fordham University Press - Speaking About Torture

My own work addressing Bush era policies began in 2005 and can be seen here. This page has a particularly good story about Bush being confronted by teenagers about American torture.